Friday, 29 January 2010

I'm in the band, though not necessarily on the wagon

Well it seems only right that I should jump on the slightly drunken bandwagon of justice and commit to record my ten garage cars of choice... though I must admit, these fall very much under the 'mode of transport' division rather than being actual cars.

That said, I do have a couple of actual factual cars in my 10 car garage of awesome and win... the first of which being this...

Jaguar E Type - of course I would just keep the lovely lovely body work in British Racing Green (obviously) and replace the inner workings with something that starts when I want it to and stops when I want it to... and, you know, goes hella fast and that... speaking of which...

Suzuki Bandit 1500 R .... can I get a varoooooooooom?!?!!? I have always wanted this bike... I covet this shiney little death trap... oh how I covet it so...mmmmm delicious!

Triumph Spitfire MkII - in much the same vein as the Jag, I want the shell kept and the innards replaced with modern technology that works and goes fast... however, unlike the Jag... the Spitfire MUST be in bright gaudy yellow...

Alec Issigonis once designed the most horrific car in the world... ever... but he also made these little puppies and I love them ... little car for a little girl... hella nippy though :)I even like the new style Mini...

Harley Davidson Nighthawk.... mat black sex on wheels... varooooooommmmm nomnomnom!

K.I.T.T.... I. want. this. car. ... I want this car as voiced by Val Kilmer... man has a sexy voice ... and car has many gadgets that make pixie happy :)

Yeee hah! ... It's the General Lee... God Bless the Confederacaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

This was the Pontiac Trans AM from Smokey and the Bandit... but then Captain Barbeque and Mr Ben reminded me of the wonder that is the Mystery Machine... and here it is in all it's ridiculous glory

So you thought my choices so far were silly?.... get a load of these next two:

This bad boy is just too cool to allow a whole picture of him... he would just break your minds with his awesomeness.... ah to ride around on the back of a dragon... of course I would require some kind of chain mail bikini, furs and large swords.... grrrrr... warrior pixie!!!!

And Finally...

Meet Hercules, the liger.... I shall put armour and a saddle on him and ride him around like Battlecat... now that would be a sight to behold! I actually also like the idea of having a London bus in my garage... but that takes me up to 11... and only Spinal Tap are cool enough to pull that off!

You can all shut up!!!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

You give a little love....

I have had the most wonderful birthday weekend and I would just like to thank everyone who made it so special.

I am blessed to have such beautiful people in my life.

I love you guys.... that is all.

Happy Pixe Out

Thursday, 7 January 2010

...and don't it feel good...

Firstly, a big thank you to the fabulous Ms Cat and Mr Ben for allowing me to surf their sofa this week, feeding me, driving me around, helping me work out where things are in this city paved with kebabs and generally looking after me while I navigate my first week at work.

So far my working week has run as follows:

- Day 1. Start at 10 - spend the day sorting out the office, climbing over and under tables moving computers, setting up phones, faxes and printers, fiddling about in the server - made the school boy error of knowing things about IT and have probably therefore secured my future as office IT guru, especially since the actual IT department is based in London - I see my job remit changing quite quickly - poop. Allowed to leave early due to sheer chilliness of the office - meet Ms Cat from work where she brings me a cup of steamy hot coffee and takes me shopping to acquire things for my new flat using the guilt money my Dad gave me for Christmas - terribly successful trip - woop!

- Day2. Start going through worker files - still not quite figured out what my job actually entails but getting there slowly - Boss buys us lunch and sympathises with me about my marital situation - it's like she actually cares about her workers - amazing. Spend the evening with the Frenchy picking up some of my stuff from Bath and taking it to the new flat - very painful few minutes spent with the curly one. Then pub to discuss some house rules with Captain Barbeque and the Frenchy - the overriding rule seems to be 'don't be a dick' with a few small amendments to include such things as 'never take anything Dom says literally' and 'we must steal a beer mat from every pub we visit'... these are all rules we can live by I think

- Day 3. Boss calls at 7.30am to say that she is closing the office today and we should work from home and gives me a bunch of research to do - begin the research at about 10 after a nice long shower and a bucket of coffee - have to call boss at about 11.30 to tell her that the net has been disconnected in the flat and as such I can't do any work - she is very cool about the whole thing... I know it's early days but I think she may be the best boss in the world. Spend the rest of the day watching Frisky Dingo - which may well be the best cartoon since the Venture Brothers - and distracting Mr Ben from doing any work... Ms Cat comes home, eats the yummy food Ben made and falls asleep like a cute little kitten on the couch... Ben and I decide that there simply isn't enough booze in the house and as such a further trip to the pub is warranted - we bond over a couple of jars, how pathetic and cynical we are and how much we miss the 90s

- Day 4. Office still closed - researching government legislation and waiting for a phone call from my boss - concentration levels reached saturation point for both Ben and I and we spent a good 25 minutes watching an old woman attempt to de-ice her car and drive away ... so invested were we in this woman's exploits that when she eventually made it out of the space we cheered! Nevertheless we have both been working very hard - although I do seem to find myself blogging during work hours - these habits are so hard to get out of...Hoping to get the rest of my stuff this evening but very reliant on the weather and the Germanic efficiency of everyone's favourite national socialist...

- Day 5. Has yet to occur and even I cannot predict the future of my own life but the office is re-opening and I am hoping to move in to the flat and start making it look like a girl lives there too before it is turned in to a GW warehouse... I have enlisted the help of the Ginge for heavy lifting, excessive moaning and tea making - hopefully by the time the boys move in next weekend, the place will look lovely - or at least my room will :)

Looks like the pieces of my slightly broken life are starting to fall in to place with a little help from my truly wonderful friends - I love you guys.

This is for you my temporary roomies ...

Gratefulpixie out