Monday, 7 September 2009

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Muse were incredible...

The whole weekend was awesome...

I am a broken shell of a woman...

'nuff said

Pixie Out

Friday, 4 September 2009

I'll Be There As Soon As I Can

I R going to see Muse tomorrow... woop hoot and yey!!!

Apparently being best friends with people who went to school with famous musicians is a good thing :)

So not only am I going to spend the weekend in my spiritual retreat surrounded by my wonderful second family... I'm also getting to see one of my favourite bands play in the bargain... and I'm taking the Frenchy!

The Curly One was meant to be coming... but he has broken his spine in 27 places and is currently in traction being bed bathed by 1960's Barbara Windsor-esque nurses... or he might just be having a bad case of sciatica and lying on the sofa dosed up on pain killers.... but the first option sounds more fun, so let's go with that!

The aforementioned bodily harm was apparently caused by an early morning tidying spree last weekend a la chez Ginge ...after a most excellent barbeque / challenge to see how much beer 9 people can actually get through in an eveing (which apparently is quite a lot)/ celebration of the return of the Pat

Good times were had by all... beer was drunk (by the metric fuck ton)... eternal love was declared (as only the truly drunken are wont to do)... cigarettes were smoked... meat was eaten... salad was largely avoided (until the morning when a chicken salad with coleslaw and melon on the side seemed like the perfect breakfast...they weren't laughing about the pre-cooked chicken we brought to a barbeque by then, I can tell you!)and then teh Patzor drove The Curly One and I home and hung out (I slept) until the evening when he ran 4th ed D&D for the nerd squad, which was so unbearably awesome and win that I can't even describe it... we even intro gamed a new player ...and I think there is a chance we might have converted him with our second hand geek smoke (it's dangerous for your health I hear... the government are moving to ban indoor geekery as those who do not geek feel they should not be exposed to the geekery of others...GW are in uproar saying it will destroy their business)

Saturday, Cathryn and I drove up to Burton on Trent (don't's where they make Bass beer and Marmite... the whole town smells funny... plus it's north of the Watford gap and therefore grim)... We went to pick up a 19th century antique oak chest come bench thing (imagine a gothicy church pew but prettier) which has been sitting in my Grandma's hallway for as long as I can remember... she inherited it from her mother in law who inherited from her mother.. or something.. I don't know... any way... I have coveted this thing since I was a child and spent every summer there... and now it is mine.... or at least it is in Cathryn's dining room, filled with beautifully ornate plates from China, that I also now own... it took us 5 hours to get there... because Cathryn can't follow directions and the phrase "stay on the M42 Cathryn... no seriously... the M42 ... no... no... no .... not the M40...gaaaaaaaaah!!!" only passed my lips once... but that was enough to set us back a couple of hours... nonetheless... my Grandma was lovely and made us dinner and gave me wonderful covetous things and sent us on our way again...Cathryn and I made it back to Bath, in a 4x4 borrowed from one of the boys in the seventh level of Hades... and we are still friends... of course all I have to show for sitting in a car for hours and hours is Great Aunt Flo's blanket from Norway... but hey...

Sometimes I think 2 white women driving through the rougher bits of Bristol at 9.30 on a Saturday night in a Chelsea tractor, with an antique oak chest in the back, smoking out of the windows and listening loudly and shamelessly to Michael Jackson, might be a slightly odd thing to do.... then I remember that Cathryn and I have done much stranger things... like driving round the back of Jamaica street with a boot full of sex toys and stopping to ask for directions...

I am also currently in the midst of attempting to integrate Taoism into my Wiccan belief structure... it seems to be opening up some very interesting spiritual pathways for me... and my soul is growing as a result... i've been having some very trippy meditations recently... dare I say, I am feeling more... powerful... of course that could just be the can of Redbull I just drank... but seriously... amazing meditations over the last few days... I'm very excited to see where this path will take me... I'm literally buzzing (again, may be the Redbull... finding it tough to focus on the screen now...)

Have a good weekend kiddies

Pixie Out