Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sort of Revolution

I hereby declare this to be the cutest thing ever... FACT...

(unless you don't like cats of course, in which case you're probably dead inside anyway and find no cuteness or wonder in the world at all)

So then - job seems to be going well - the boss has yet to make me cry (apparently he has a bit of a knack for making everyone cry at some point) most people seem to dislike him very much and he does seem like a bit of a hard ass but secretly I kinda like him, he's very dry and blunt and like I said, he hasn't made me cry yet... I'm sure my feelings about him will change as soon as crying has occurred.

Everyone else seems very lovely and I'm slowly learning to play the socio-political game that very clearly operates within the office - but still managing to keep on the fringes of it enough that I can observe it without being mired in it... which is nice.

Also, I can go to work, do a fairly good job (so far as I can tell) have like an actual lunch break, leave on time and not spend evenings and weekends working or stressing about work... it's like ... totally amazing n that!!!!

The lovely Mr Ben has moved in to the Tower while we look for alternative habitation closer to the drinking establishments we like to frequent (and still within walking distance of my place of work) which rather leaves us looking at the more upmarket expensive end of the Bristol housing market... middle class dream here I come!!!

I got to be all hippy again last weekend performing a naming ceremony in a circle of trees in the middle of a park... it went off without a hitch - everyone commented on how lovely the ceremony was and I got to feel incredibly wholesome... this was quickly tempered by midday drinking ... which turned in to night time drinking ... which turned in to the consumption of a kebab on a bench... oh dear...

Still it was super good to see a whole bunch of old friends and know that I am missed but that they are all doing really well and we're all turning into successful adults, reaching our aspirational goals and getting on with life and generally being delightful, stand up citizens who like a good time and nice pint ... but hey, we're the grown ups now and we get to decide what that means!!!

Also I've started writing again ... I'm going to try not to be such a pompous ass about the whole thing this time - but I think the hiatus may have done me some good - I read back over some of my old stuff today and some of it is actually really good... some of it not so much... but it's great to be able to appreciate my own work from a distance... hopefully I will be able to produce something that doesn't suck this time!!!

Now, go look at the kitty again and tell me it isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen in all your days?!?!?

Pixie out