Friday, 28 September 2012

Never sleeping for want of Eating....

Reason notwithstanding the universe appears to be continuing on its merry way, oblivious to the fact that I am a pathetic dribbling mess of rubbish... the bastard!

The Pixie is a Sad Panda

Actually I'm pretty much ok at the moment, but  I do so enjoy a good drama - and being angry at the universe.

The lovely Mr Ben leaving for foreign and sinister lands has seen me weeping like a hungry, angry baby at his mother - who gave me a cuddle and plied me with wine and his father - who mostly stayed out of my way until the following morning when he asked me if I was feeling better... which I was.. .well played Mr Brooks Sr., well played.

Most importantly however, I managed to get the classic Han / Leia line in... in the airport through streaming tears and stricken grief .. .that's how awesome I am:-

Ben: "I love you"
Pixie: "I know"  *sniffle - blub*
Ben: "That's my girl!"

Yes I know it's the wrong scene, but the look on her face is how I felt
internally having just pulled off something really cool!

Since his departure, I have been taken out for wine and Thai food, consumed a whole bunch of gin and coffee with Ms Cat - who managed to have the perfect balance of sympathy, planning awesome things to do to occupy my time and telling me I was being a little bit pathetic; we also managed to run in to a man who was once described by the Cat's new housemates as a "smack head"  - turns out, not far off the mark... still it was interesting!  I have also had a variety of text messages from people asking how I'm doing and inviting me out for drinkums/roleplaying/tea/painting - I'm fine thank you everyone - and always happy to go for drinkums... and that other stuff... you have my number.. .so call me, maybe! (Blergh... I can't believe I just went there... I feel so dirty)

In other news, the Droning Land Slug is bludgeoning her way in to my fragile psyche again with her lard dripping, ham fisted, banana chewing with her mouth open, hidebound, bigoted, lacking in perspective or joy, slurping her yoghurt like she's some kind of food hoover, usual manner of oblivious stupidity.  I've only been back at work two days... oh dear!

Charity set up is going very very slowly... but going at least - so that's good... we're hoping to have things in place by January ... I honestly think nothing of significance is going to happen until next summer.... it's all just taking soooo long... stoopid paper work!

I also managed to scare a child so much on my way to work yesterday that he fell off his bicycle.  That's gotta be some kind of super power or something right?!?!?

Child Scaring, Better than I thought I'd be Pixie Out