Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Won't you be my sunshine, baby?

Amidst much petulance, sad face making and general gnashing of teeth many weeks seem to have passed since I last updated... I never promised to update regularly and my talent for disorganisation is only bested by my talent for procrastinating... so really, you're lucky to be getting anything at all from the mottled tomes of the Pixie.

Still... some very sad times have occurred and I was left crawling away from the battle field licking my wounds... time to heal is being had and friends are being beautiful and supportive...nevertheless, I remain uncomfortable, uncertain and generally lacking a safety net. I am a fragile little Pixie... not feeling particularly warrior like at the moment... I'm sure I will get it back eventually... but for now, hiding away in a drunken stupor is working out quite nicely (except that whole ' going to work with a stinking hangover' thing... yeah won't be doing that again.)

With all this sadness going on, I have still found time for some brightness.

My boss thinks I am so many kinds of awesome still... I think he may be slightly mad.... he is talking about me becoming a big corporate shark with him... I think we're gonna need a bigger boat!.... and I am going to need new shoes for the job :)

I have been intro gamed - which was awesome... my big gay space elves are perhaps not as big and gay as I was lead to believe ... I am also learning to paint with my weekly painting lessons as lead by Captain Barbeque and the lovely Mr. Ben... and as it transpires I am - and I quote, 'better than a 12 year old boy' - and my models 'don't look as bad as I thought' - thank you my Aryan Prince.

Jefferson 'Master Cylinder, Cock as Black as the Night (but apparently not) A Bomb McDeath - Urban Destruction' came to visit the Nerd Tower - much drinking, talking of inner city London institutionalised educational racism and general other buggery was discussed including the addition of 'death by Jeff's Cock' to our sweep stake of how Team Track Slag are going to destroy their newly acquired purchase. This latest addition to the sweepstake by the lovely Ms. Cat, frankly seems more likely than any of the other bets.

The visitation of the A Bomb did mean that our neighbours were disturbed and came to complain about the noise the following day - something I had been losing sleep over till now... but of course now it's happened and they already hate us, there is little more for me to worry about - curse my cripplingly low self esteem...curse it to Hades!

Last night we all went to see Alice in Wonderland... and frankly I don't give 2 tiddly poops what anyone else thinks... I loved it... it was the heart of Lewis Carrol teamed with the soul of Tim Burton - yes it was a little silly in places but it was a psychedelic romp through beautiful drug induced dream like scenery with equally perfectly imagined characters and a story that while new, grasped perfectly at the roots of the original books - which by the way are probably my favourite childhood books. What the Chronicles of Narnia did to smoosh my childhood love and make it horribly clear that a story I had loved as a child was just poor - this just made me squeal like a little girl...

Also there was a trailer for this:

There are people riding dragons and Vikings.... I had a moviegasm... a little bit.... mmmmm dragons :)

Also I just managed to score Monday off work... so I get to go see The Boy perform for the first time on Sunday night and finally pop my Burlesque Cherry.... woop hoot and yey!!!

Good times on the horizon...

Battered, bruised, wound licking but sunning herself in the brightness Pixie out