Tuesday, 16 February 2010

We Live in a Beautiful World

Phew! Much has occurred in the last couple of weeks and this Pixie is most satisfied with it all.

I have proven beyond any doubt amidst much bemoaning, wailing and gnashing of teeth that 4th Ed. Bards are both awesome and indeed win... unfortunately most of my group now want to play Bards, which would rather defeat the object of the exercise but ho hum - it's an improvement from 'you're never playing a Bard in my game, not ever... Bards are pony'... ha! showed you!

The Luncheon Club Dedicated to the Destruction of Stuff defeated No Face in a hail of glory and hot on the heels of this epic victory Skeletor and his Minions went down like little pussy bitches in just a single week thanks to a joint team effort but largely to the strange and oddly imperialistic knowledge of the world that our Furher seems to possess... perhaps it is all that invasion planning that has afforded him such a wealth of knowledge... of course now we have to come up with another team name but those free drinks tasted all the sweeter as they were lined with pure, 100% beautiful victory.

My training course seems to have come to an abrubt halt with the finance company sending out a letter stating that the training provider has ceased to trade - apparently I should keep paying them my money as they are attempting to source an alternative provider... frankly I don't want to - it's a lot of money and I was really only doing it so I could get an awesome job as a web designer... now that I have an awesome and enormously time consuming job, it seems a little silly to continue when all I would be doing is paying a lot of money to look at something I find interesting but am never going to use - much like all the other training courses / degree that has left me in a whole heap of debt that I have never really recovered from. Also, by the time I come home from work all stressed out (in a good way) the last thing I want to do is sit in front of more work for hours. My social life is just as busy as my working life right now and I simply don't have time for it!!!! (oh woe is me, the life of a social butterly... boo fucking hoo!!!!)

I also had some of my lovely photo shoot pictures come back - I be nekked! They are beautiful and very arty though, quite the testament to the photographer, I think. It was a very positive experience, I felt very empowered afterwards, even if a little cold - lying on a cold concrete floor wearing precisely nothing is not particularly warming, you know! My muscles ached like buggery afterwards as well from all the unnatural poses I was holding - I ached for about 2 weeks in places I didn't even know I had places! Totally worth it though :)

Last night the Nerd Tower played host to the beginning of the lovely Nicola's Vampire campaign, which looks like it is going to be really very good - despite all the buffoonery and general silliness that occurs in any roleplaying game in which you let this particular group of nerds participate... good times :)

Anyway my lovelies, that is all from me - I must be away, there are some woodland creatures that need my assistance - I really shouldn't answer the Pixie Phone this early in the morning.

Satisfied Pixie Out