Friday, 30 January 2009

Supreme Genius

Alternative Title: If Carlsberg made Complaint letters...

This made me laugh so hard I nearly blew Ribena out of my nose ... the disparaging looks from the management that followed only served to make it funnier!

I'm sure most of you have already seen this because you read these high brow papers or because you are more 'down wit da kidz' than I... but none the less... I had to share this with you.


Pixie Out

Thursday, 29 January 2009

WOW and other useful acronyms

Alternative Title: The Culmination of the Spread of Evil Pink Filth

So the Warlock has finished her Global Tour spreading her evil pink filth as she goes, has run her Magnificent (and yes it is truly magnificent) flying carpet ragged ( oh the punnery!) and has earned herself the title 'The Explorer'... this made me happy but also means that I have had to turn my attentions once again to actual factual questing and game playing... which by the way, is apparently awesome!... I was a little sceptical having devoted so much time (read: about 2 hours) to exploring the entire globe that I would be able to get the same sense of achievement from regular game play... oh how very wrong I was...

In the space of a couple of hours I had an emotional rollercoaster ride comparable to nothing I have experienced in this game before - due to the wonderful quest layering system adopted in the latest expansion I was able to sit on a tower mounted cannon and shoot big skeletal dragons with bigger bombs at the start of a quest chain that culminated in me helping to create a whole new town on my map complete with mail box, friendly dragon flight path and sleeping bloke in an inn ... the town wasn't there before I did this quest chain... and now it is... genius!!!! This made me very happy... I felt like one of those people who goes to Africa and helps build towns and comes away with an amazing sense of achievement... only without the actually having helped anyone real part...

I then went on a round the world trip trying to save the life of a guy who was dying of Scourge plague and would, upon death, become a horrible mindless drooling drone (a bit like my boss...oh the punnery is relentless... I'm here all week, try the veal) only to discover that when I finally managed to get to the bit where I found someone who could actually save him (the weird alien angel thing) he still died... but his mortal soul was saved from becoming my boss.... this may be the most tragic and heart breaking quest chain I've ever done... I was exhausted by the end of my couple of hour session...

Of course the long emotional talk I had with my better half may also have had something to do with my exhaustion levels...but I'm still blaming it on the gaming.

Best bit of gaming I have done in some time... thank you Blizzard and your genius Devs.

NB: I lied about the other useful acronyms... there aren't any... feel free to make up your own though... I'd hate to stand in the way of creativity!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Shenanigans...oh yes, you heard me right!

Alternative title: Go Pixie it's your birthday...

So long weekend down in the depths of Devon with my bestest friend in the whole wide world was lovely... poker was played, brilliant new people were met, wine was consumed, plentiful nicotine was inhaled...2 year old god son was entertained whilst hungover (note to self: don't do that again)

Work was shit... but then I have come to expect particular favourite work related episode this week was the arrival of a 'motivational' poster brought in by my middle management, pop psychology, never read an actual psych book in his life, dumbass boss... I can't find a picture of it on the intermanetz but I shall describe it for your delight and delectation... it is a picture of a ripple in some water with the 'motivational' text "Irresponsibility: No single rain drop believes it is to blame for the flood.".... see, told you he was a dumbass... he can't quite seem to grasp how this passive aggressive gesture is not likely to rouse the troops rather it simply serves to make us all a bit narky ... dumbass!

Then this weekend twas ma birfday...I did indeed get older but as anticipated getting older was jollied up by the attendance of some damn fine people, plenty of music and movie critiquing and some bloody good role playing.

Pub was visited, white russians were consumed by the trough, plentiful nicotine was inhaled and good times were had by all... and then Bob got drunk... and I had to deal with him...and then had to deal with him again in the morning (my actual birthday no less) by doing all the washing up from the night before so I could cook him greasy bacon and egg hangover sandwiches having had precisely no sleep, a text message from my evil Grandmother who I haven't given my phone number to in over 10 years (how she got it is a mystery) a long and sobbing phone call from my Dad, wishing me happy birthday and telling me that his girlfriend (the only thing stopping him from topping himself whilst going through his second messy divorce) has left him and then another text message from my gay ex boyfriend...all the while our favourite Ginger, Fuzz was witnessing this terrifying glimpse into my emotionally fraught life from the comfort of my living room floor as I collapse in a mess having spoken to all the people in my life who have the ability to cause me any amount of emotional trauma in the space of about an hour on my fucking birthday.... gaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

However... we then ended up in Brizzle playing a most excellent roleplay game designed by my very favourite Egyptian Muslim, Bas - who had taken the concept of an anal retentive attention to detail to new heights by drawing character pictures for us all and laminating hundreds of cards, each one different from the last (all designed by him) to replace any need for the rolling of dice... this was a combat intensive game and frankly we were all fucking brilliant!...we were heroes...apart from when one of us destroyed Paris, went evil and tried to kill another player character (note he destroyed Paris BEFORE he technically 'went evil') ...we fought dinosaur men.... I flew a fire breathing dragon... Steve Rogers was the president of the USA, Dracula was the premier of Russia and Joan of Arc was the premier of France.... absolute fucking genius! I loved every minute of it.... also the character pictures were beautiful - Bas, my love, if you ever find your way to reading this page, thank you so very much for such an awesome birthday present!

We then went to a party in the evening but I don't really remember much of it... I think I may have fallen asleep in the car on the way there and not really woken up again yet... very very tired.....


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sending Out The Pixie Love

Alternative Title: A present for my friends

Yeah, yeah, so blog updates have not been that frequent and the warlock has ceased the levelling frenzy and slowed down to a respectable level 77 when she got her hands on a most excellent flying carpet which has been used to date to mark her global territory as she flies around spraying her cute but evil pink filth everywhere in an attempt to get the title 'Explorer' after her name... but there is a good reason for this...

I've been getting my tv on...

I have been watching the first season of True Blood which may be the best thing I have seen for some time... it's a bit like Buffy if it was made for grown ups and set in a back water hick riddled town in Louisiana with lots of swearing and nasty fucking! (and the occasional Creole accent)... so all the things I love then.. (including allowing me to reminisce about how much I love Gambit from the X men) let's be honest!

It also has the best opening credits of any show I have ever seen ever and possibly a theme tune to rival the much lamented Firefly (damn you Fox network)...don't get me wrong, it is not the sort of music that I normally enjoy, but they do have both types of music...that's right, both Country AND Western!

I have also been watching No Heroics ... a Bristish Sitcom (thanks for the find Fuzz) about rubbish Super heroes and how rubbish they are... it's very funny.

Amongst all this tv watching I have also found time to celebrate the Curly One's birthday in true drunken vomit filled fashion... thanks boys... good times had by all I think!

This weekend I am heading down to deepest darkest Devon to spend some much overdue time with my very bestest friend in the whole wide world and her family... lovely break in the middle of nowhere ahead me thinks... yey!

Following weekend is ma Birfday... where I will creep ever closer to 30, becoming slowly less attractive to the opposite sex, not realising any of my dreams and looking forward to a life of pushing out mistreated sprogs and forcing myself to become domesticated (hell I'm barely even house trained at the moment)... so that's nice!

My getting older will however be some what jollied up by the anticipated arrival of the Folkestone based possie who will help me drown my sorrows in a heady mix of alcohol and gaming... which I am really looking forward to!

Actually...come to think of it... couple of weeks of nice stuff occurring...may be I should just stop being so fucking miserable...or at the very least add another shot to my nightly vodka habit!

So - go check out these awesome tv shows, they are my gifts to you my lovelies...if you don't enjoy them, well that's just fine... you are entitled to your opinion and I will fight to the death for your right to hold it... even if you are wrong!

Pixie Out